We are Emily and James. 

On September 26th 2016, we took a leap of faith. With our life savings and a one way ticket to Asia we departed England to begin an adventure that would change our perception of the world around us. In the time away our eyes have been opened to the beauty our planet has to offer.

However, I will never forget that moment I stepped out of Colombo airport in Sri Lanka to the calls of “tuktuk,” “taxi,” “where you going sir?” I certainly was not in London any more. The heat, the smells, the traffic: everything was overwhelming. The feeling of “oh, s***, what am I doing?” hit us. But we were soon in a tuktuk being whisked off to our first guest house. Looking back we were vastly overcharged but, oh well, we were still newbies back then!

And so our adventure began. Since then we have lived the life of a nomad, hoping from hostel to hostel, town to town, country to country. We have worn the same handful of outfits again and again because that is all that fits in our backpacks. We have shared buses with chickens. We have had food poisoning at least once each. And it has been…. AMAZING! Every up and every down has been incredible. We still have moments where we think to ourselves what the heck are we doing here? But do we ever want this to end? No. Hence we are starting this blog to encourage you to take a leap of faith with us and open your eyes to the extraordinary world in which we live.